Colleges & Universities

Recreation – College students can be very heavy users of fitness equipment, and they have a wide variety of interests in working out.  Top quality products are needed to meet their needs in cardio, strength and specialty equipment.

For instance in cardio, many colleges are looking for cordless products with entertainment options to interact with the students while using the least amount of power possible.  Summit has the latest technology options available through their world-class manufacturers.

We participate in the WIRSA conference every year, and we have partnered with the recreation directors at many facilities and have developed great relationships with them.

Athletics – The world of college athletics is very unique in that there are many different ways to achieve the desired results, and many different types of equipment to help with the process.  With the diversified group of manufacturers Summit works with, we have access to many of the pieces of equipment that college strength coaches want in their weight rooms.  Magnum Fitness has supplied high quality equipment to colleges for nearly 30 years, and Summit is proud to offer their products as our marquee provider in this market.

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