High Schools

High school weight rooms used to consist of a white, multi-gym that sat in the middle of a small room, with various weights and other stations scattered around the outside of the room.  Those rooms still exist, but many schools are working to update their facilities with more modern cardio equipment and appropriate strength equipment.

Some schools have a large budget and can put in a wide variety of equipment that rivals a college fitness center.  Others want to look at refurbished equipment as a way to get their students some quality equipment – with very limited budgets.

Middle and elementary schools have concerns with smaller students and how they will fit on the equipment.

Many times P.E. and athletics are using the same room, but have different needs – How can we accommodate both?

With the wide range of budgets and needs for the different schools, it’s important to understand the options available.  Summit sales staff has the experience working with many schools over the years to come up with the right solutions.

Not everybody has a PEP Grant to work with, but everybody will get the experience that Summit has earned by partnering with over 30 PEP schools.

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